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Month: January 2022

Welcome to the Internet Explorer Website

With the browser, we can access various sites to get the information we need. Of course this is one of the important components so that we can surf easily in cyberspace.

For users of the Windows operating system, you must be familiar with the Internet Explorer browser. This browser is available for PCs that have a Windows operating system. In order to understand more deeply, let’s discuss the meaning of Internet Explorer.

Understanding Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a website browser that can be used as a place to explore the virtual world. Internet Explorer can be downloaded for free and becomes the default web browser on the Windows operating system.

Microsoft Corporation is the company that created and developed Internet Explorer to date. Internet Explorer can be said to be one of the oldest web browsers than the others.

Four years after Internet Explorer was released, the overall percentage of users of the web browser reached 95%. However, until now Internet Explorer users continue to decrease because of the many new web browsers that have started to appear.

Internet Explorer History

Microsoft Corporation has succeeded in making Internet Explorer popular and continues to grow today. The number of users was fantastic in its time, which reached 95%.

Internet Explorer was created from the Mosaic web browser from the Spyglass company. By licensing Mosaic, Microsoft finally succeeded in creating a web browser called Internet Explorer.

Initially Microsoft saw a very large market share in web browsers. In addition, the lack of web browsers in the 19th century made Microsoft take the initiative to create Internet Explorer.

Microsoft doesn’t want to spend its time writing the source code for its web browser from scratch. That’s why Microsoft met Spyglass and bought a Mosaic license. But Microsoft still modified the source code in it and created Internet Explorer.

Progress of each Version of Internet Explorer

As one of the oldest web browsers, Internet Explorer has undergone various developments in each version. The following is an explanation of the development of each version of Internet Explorer:

1. Version 1.0 in 1995

Internet Explorer version 1.0 was successfully released right after Microsoft met Spyglass and bought the Mosaic license. By modifying the source code, this web browser was created and became a package in the Microsoft Plus operating system.

2. Version 2.0 to 3.0 in 1996

Internet Explorer version 2.0 has developed such as support for SSL, HTTP cookies, and supports HTML tables. Meanwhile, in version 3.0, Internet Explorer became the first web browser to use CSS.

3. Version 4.0 in 1997

in this version, Internet Explorer experienced many tragedies such as the Microsoft versus the United States court case, and the first web browser war. The features developed in this version are Dynamic HTML and Favicon.

4. Version 5.0 in 1999

in this version, Internet Explorer gets a lot of developments and new features in it. This development makes it a major feature in Internet Explorer such as search bar, Favorites, AutoComplete, Integaris and Hotmail.

5. Version 6.0 in 2001

Internet Explorer in this issue has a long time span, about five years to upgrade to the next version. Due to the length of the upgrade version, creating serious problems in Internet Explorer security.

6. Version 7.0 in 2006

The long development of previous versions makes Microsoft add many new features. Such as Multi-tab, Page Zooming, Search box Integration and improved CSS, DOM and HTML support.

7. Version 8.0 in 2009

In this version Internet Explorer can pass the Acid2 test and get a good score. Microsoft explained that in this version Internet Explorer improvised RSS, CSS and Ajax support.

8. Version 9.0 to 10.0 in 2011

Internet Explorer version 9.0 again passed the Acid2 test and this time it got a fantastic score of 95 out of 100. This is because of the addition of javascript support, HTML video and audio.

Whereas in version 10.0, Internet Explorer got a lot of updates in it. Such as support for CSS3 grid layout, Flexible box layout, multi-column layout, gradient and hardware acceleration.

9. Version 11.0 in 2013

Microsoft redesigned its web browser with WebGL support and scaled it up for high DPI screens. And in this version get updates such as supporting API Orientation, CSS Flexbox etc.

Internet Explorer Features

The features of the web browser are very influential on the users who use it. Each web browser must have different features so that there are characteristics in it. The following are the features of Internet Explorer:

  • Supports WebGL, enabling graphic designers to render 3D images directly in a web browser.
  • Supports HTML5 video, we can stream by adjusting the bandwidth of the connected network.
  • Can open 100 tabs at once, will be very useful for us to find information without having to close the site.
  • InPrivateBrowsing, we will get security in storing data in the form of usernames and passwords. In addition, we can remove traces of the sites we have visited.
  • InPrivateFiltering, we can block third party content. Of course this will increase our comfort when using this web browser.
  • WebSlices, when we subscribe, the address of the site we visit will be in the Favorites bar.
  • Tab Grouping, this feature allows us to group tabs whose information is related to each other.
  • Automatic Crash Recovery, this feature will prevent data loss when a crash occurs in Internet Explorer. We will be able to recover the tab or site we were visiting when it crashed.

Advantages of Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a web browser that is the oldest compared to others. Microsoft Corporation at that time managed to make Internet Explorer get the top position, of course, thanks to several advantages in it. Here are the advantages of Internet Explorer:

No need to download for users using Windows

One of the advantages of this web browser is that it is already a package with the Windows operating system. So Windows users no longer need to bother installing Internet Explorer like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Has attractive default features to increase convenience

In order to attract the interest of its users, Internet Explorer creates built-in features for the convenience of the users in it. That way users can easily and feel comfortable when browsing the virtual world via Internet Explorer.

The features found in Internet Explorer include inPrivate Browsing and Filtering, accelerators, Favorite bar etc. Features in Internet Explorer have optional properties, so we can choose and disable features according to taste.

Quite a lot of additions and developments to the add-on

Add-ons are additional features created by third parties to maximize and enhance user convenience. With the Add-on we can optimize the features that already exist.

In addition, Add-ons on Internet Explorer can also improve the performance and utility of the web browser. Of course, this is very useful for Internet Explorer users to help them find information.

Bookmark Internet Explorer connected to Windows Live

This applies to users who have email with a Microsoft or Live Mail domain. If you want to mark a site that we like in Internet Explorer, then the bookmark will appear in the user’s Microsoft email notification.

Have an attractive appearance

Although previously many said the display on Internet Explorer was bad, but made Microsoft immediately fix it. In versions 8 and 9, Internet Explorer changed its User Interface to be even more attractive.

Senior web browser

Internet Explorer was very famous in its time and there are still many loyal users who still use this web browser. Because in the 90s Internet Explorer managed to get 95% of all users in the world.


After we understand the meaning, history, features and advantages that exist in Internet Explorer, of course this will add to our knowledge. In conclusion, Internet Explorer is one of the oldest web browsers compared to others.

In addition, Microsoft Corporation is the company that develops and creates Internet Explorer. This of course guarantees the quality of the web browser, considering that Microsoft is one of the largest technology companies in the world.

The advantage of using Internet Explorer is that it has up-to-date features in it and is very beneficial for our PCs whose operating system is Windows. Of course this makes us not have to bother to install the web browser.

Thus a discussion of the meaning and history of Internet Explorer. Thus we can better understand the meaning of the web browser. Hopefully this information is useful and beneficial for all of us.